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  • Parkinson’s disease 
  • Dementia 


  • Frequent bed falls

Functional benefits:

  • Floor-level height 
  • Full nursing height

Description of case:

Mary is 72 years old and has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and associated dementia. The Parkinson’s has resulted in very rigid movements which impede her mobility and transfers. Due to poor understanding of her functional levels and low risk awareness, Mary regularly attempts to transfer from the bed, resulting in frequent bed falls and associated injuries.

Main issues:

Mary lives with family members, who advised the Occupational Therapist that they were very anxious and under significant strain due to her frequent bed falls that occur even when sleeping on a low bed with a mattress next to the bed. Mary’s son explained that paramedics are sometimes required on a daily basis – one particular day they were called on ten occasions to assist with transferring Mary from the floor back into bed.


A FloorBed was put into place for a trial and Mary was hoisted into the bed at an appropriate height. When left unattended at night the family lowered the bed to the floor to reduce the risk of fall injury. With the FloorBed in use the falls have ceased. The family reports that Mary will sometimes bring her legs out of the bed; rather than a fall occurring, her feet rest on the floor and Mary will either bring her legs back into bed or leave them resting on the floor before sliding them back into bed unassisted.


  • Mary: – Has stopped falling out of bed, therefore reducing the risk of injuries associated with bed falls.
  • Carers: – The mattress platform height of 640 mm enables the carers to carry out care tasks safely at an appropriate height.
  • Family: – The family report that they are more relaxed and experience less disrupted sleep, as they feel reassured that Mary is not at risk of bed falls and injuries.
  • Paramedics: – Mary no longer requires paramedic intervention as she remains safely in bed.


“I am used to the bed and feel safer near to the floor.”

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