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Compatible accessories

Integrated junior padded side rails for: FloorBed® 1, FloorBed® 2, JuniorBed™ and CommunityBed™.
Integrated junior padded side rails for beds.
Integrated junior padded side rails for beds.
Integrated junior padded side rails for beds..
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Integrated junior padded side rails

These integrated junior padded side rails come with an easy lock and lower mechanism, making them easy to use. The fabric mesh allows for visibility from within and outside the bed while also meeting the BS EN 50637:2017 standard.

High safety mat for: FloorBed® 1, FloorBed® 2, JuniorBed™, CommunityBed™, Empresa®, Altida™, Proxima®.
High safety mat for beds.
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High safety mat

The high safety mat is a critical component of any falls management equipment, offering reliable protection for service users who are prone to falling out of bed. 

Safety mat with slide sheets for: FloorBed® 1,  FloorBed® 2 and JuniorBed™.
Safety mat with slide sheets for beds.
Safety mat with slide sheets for beds.
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High safety mat with slide sheets

Designed to be used with two of our floor-level beds, this mat creates an extended surface that users can safely roll onto in case of a fall.

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Choosing the right bed

Following these steps here will guide your choice of bed
Is your service user someone who:
  • Is more than 146 tall?
  • Weighs more than 40kg?
  • Has a BMI of more than 17?
Does your service user require high side rails (over 45 cm high from mattress platform)?
Is your service user less than 75 cm tall?
Consider FloorBed or CommunityBed with Junior Kit to meet children’s standard BS EN 50637:2017
Consider standard Accora bed that meets BS EN 60601-2-52
Consider a crib or alternative product
Consider a cot or alternative product

Choosing the right bed

Download our guide and follow these steps to choose the right bed for your needs.
FloorBed 1 Plus

FloorBed 1 Plus

For larger clients who need more room, the FloorBed 1 Plus has a width of 1067 mm (106.7 cm), and can be extended to a length of 2134 mm (213.4 cm).

With a floor-level height of 78 mm (7.8 cm), it delivers all the benefits of FloorBed 1.

An Accora mattress.

Why equipment stores and care providers choose Accora

Bed icon.

Functionality for optimal care

Our beds incorporate FloorBed technology, a proven measure in reducing falls and related injuries. They also offer full profiling functionality that helps deliver care and promote independence.

Diamond icon.

Long-term value equipment

Our beds are designed to be adaptable to the changing needs of individual clients, and accommodating multiple users over time.

Design icon.

Versatile designs

Our range is designed to suit a variety of settings, from simple and practical designs for community settings to beds with an elegant aesthetic capable of matching any nursing home décor.

See why people love Accora profiling beds

Occupational Therapist, Brighton and Hove

"The FloorBed is a very good product so would highly recommend."

Occupational Therapist, Swindon

"The customer service is second to none, always going the extra mile to help. Quick response to any queries. A pleasure to deal with."

Occupational Therapist, Oxfordshire

"I have used Accora Junior floorbeds several times and have always been impressed with the service and the family have been happy with the beds."

Occupational Therapist, Surrey

"We needed a bed that met the children's standards and as far as we could tell, Accora was pretty much the only one on the market that just did that."

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