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A customer testimonial or story.


  • Oedematous lower limbs


  • Mobility  
  • Lifting legs into bed
  • Chair not offering postural support


  • Configura Rise & Recline

Functional benefits

  • Bespoke chair size 
  • Riser function
  • Leg raise function

Description of case:

Deirdre is 80 years old and experiences great difficulty with her mobility and lifting her legs into bed, due to very oedematous lower limbs. Deirdre had a riser recliner with leg-rest elevation to reduce the oedema and a riser function to assist with transfers. However Deirdre found this very uncomfortable as the chair was large and did not offer any postural support. As a result, Deirdre did not use this very often.

Main issues:

Unfortunately the oedema in her lower limbs worsened and Deirdre had increased difficulty with lifting her legs into bed, and so began to avoid attempting this due to the effort and struggle involved. Deirdre therefore spent more time in her chair, which increased the oedema. Deirdre’s problem with her transfers increased and her mobility deteriorated. Deirdre required an appropriate intervention to reduce the risk of further decline in her functional levels.


The modular design of the Configura Rise & Recline allowed the chair to be set up according to Deirdre’s seat depth, popliteal height and width, and the waterfall backrest was adjusted to provide appropriate support.


This enabled Deirdre to obtain a comfortable position and she was able to use the riser function of the chair to carry out safe and independent transfers. The elevated leg rest provided comfortable support for Deirdre to be able to raise her legs, reducing the oedema in her lower limbs and resulting in improved mobility; Deirdre was once again also able to lift her legs into bed independently.

Son’s testimonial:

“We are very pleased with it. The chair has helped a lot, as the oedema is going down nicely, thanks to the chair. My mother can get in and out of the chair more easily, and it has given back her independence. Her posture is better, her legs are much better, and I really thank everyone involved.”

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