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Case studies

Read how Accora products have greatly impacted local councils, community equipment stores, and care homes. 

Accora medical chair.
Accora configura chair image.

Implementing Configura® seating in Dudley MBC

Dudley MBC identified a concern with the spend on specialist seating and saw the need to improve prescriber knowledge. They also faced significant storage issues as many chairs were unable to be reissued to other service users. So Dudley MBC sought a solution from Accora.

Reduction in falls from beds
Reduction in falls in bedroom
Reduction in notable injuries

More case studies

Accora community bed with junior kit.

Nottinghamshire seeks suitable profiling beds for children more than 75 cm tall and less than 146 cm.

Accora Configura rise and recline chair.

Accora's Configura chair filled the gap between basic chairs and specials, reducing costs and increasing re-issuing.

Accora rise and recline chair image.

Worcestershire County Council improved chair provision by adopting Configura riser recliners.

Image of a rise and recline Accora chair.

Glasgow Council raises the bar on seating provision, achieving cost savings and improved service delivery.

Accora empresa floorbed.

Assessing the incidence of bed falls and injuries following the introduction of the Empresa FloorBed.

Accora floorbed image.

How the FloorBed 1 greatly impacted the safety of the residents in long-term care.

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