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Clinical seating and specialist profiling beds

Championing dignity,
‍enabling independence

Affordable clinical seating and specialist profiling beds for home and care environments. Designed to adapt to a wide variety of needs and help individuals stay safe, comfortable, and independent.

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Specialist seating, beds, and mattresses

Explore our range of specialist seating, profiling beds, and pressure mattresses, designed to cater to diverse clinical needs while delivering long-term value to local authorities, equipment stores, nursing homes, and other care providers.

Configura chairs

Browse our range of specialist seating, with full adjustability to cater for differing size, pressure care, and postural management needs.

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Image of a medical chair.

The Configura chair concept

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Using the Configura assessment form, tailor the perfect chair for your service user.

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All our chairs can be delivered within 3-5 days.

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If a service user’s needs change over time, Configura chairs can be easily adjusted to suit.

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All contact areas can be removed for cleaning or replacement. The chair can then be re-configured for another person.

Profiling beds

Our range of low to ultra-low profiling beds offers a perfect blend of practicality, functionality, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetics, keeping in mind the diverse needs of patients, carers, and environment.

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Image of a medical bed.

Why care providers choose Accora

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Functionality for optimal care

Our beds incorporate FloorBed technology, a proven measure in reducing falls and related injuries. They also offer full profiling functionality that helps deliver care and promote independence.

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Long-term value equipment

Our beds are designed to be flexible, adapting to the changing needs of individual residents, and accommodating multiple users over time.

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Versatile design

Our range is designed to suit a variety of settings, from simple and practical designs for community settings to beds with an elegant aesthetic capable of matching any nursing home décor.

Allevia mattresses

Our pressure mattress range incorporates a  simple “step up/step down” colour-coded system to make mattress selection easy. Within our range, we provide static, hybrid, and dynamic options tailored to individuals at various risk levels for developing pressure ulcers.

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Image of an Allevia mattress.

Long-lasting equipment

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Using the Configura assessment form, tailor the perfect chair for your service user.

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All our chairs can be delivered within 3 days and stock seating products are available next day.

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If a service user’s needs change over time, Configura chairs can be easily adjusted to suit.

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All contact areas can be removed for cleaning or replacement. The chair can then be re-configured for another person

"Very pleased with the prompt and professional service. The product specialist explained everything about the bariatric chair and even brought it in from the car. The quote came in on the same day. Highly recommend it!"

Occupational Therapist, Northampton

Configura Bariatric

Configura Bariatric
"Professionally, I find the Accora products cost effective and flexible in use."

Senior Occupational Therapist, Community Equipment Service

Configura Lite 2

Configura Lite 2
"Accora is such a fantastic company and in addition to how great the Advance chair is, their customer service is excellent. This is a big part of why we are adding the Advance to the catalogue."

Integrated Community Equipment Service Coordinator, Oldam

Configura Advance

Configura Advance
"Great communication and quick follow-ups after appointments and chairs can be easily customised to meet the needs of most patients."

Occupational Therapist, Burnley

Configura Comfort

Configura Comfort

Driven by your needs

Every day we strive to deepen our understanding of the needs of our customers, constantly improving and pushing ourselves to set a new standard.

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All of our products have been developed with community equipment stores in mind. Designed to meet a wide range of clinical needs whilst offering long-term value in their ability to adjust and recycle.

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Care homes

We know care homes need to balance functionality with aesthetics. Our range seamlessly combines clinical functionality, safety features, and elegant aesthetics; meeting the needs of residents and carers without compromising on beautiful interior design.

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Image of well decorated bedroom featuring an Accora bed.
Hospital room with medical beds.


Our products are purposefully designed to tackle key challenges hospitals face, including falls and pressure ulcers. We prioritise patient safety and comfort while also promoting efficient hygiene practices.

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Customer service

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Complimentary joint visits and demos

Choosing the right product can make a significant impact on the quality of life for the user. That's why we offer free joint visits and demonstrations to help you find the perfect product for your needs.

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Exceptional customer service

Whether you need help with placing an order, tracking a shipment, or simply have a question, our dedicated customer service team is available Monday to Friday,
8:30 am till 5 pm.

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Ongoing training and advice

Our team of expert Product Specialists and OTs are available to provide the necessary training and support to ensure staff feel confident in issuing and using our products.

Upcoming webinars

April 16, 2024

Enhancing healthcare consultations and interventions: Using a coaching approach for effective patient engagement

Recent research shows that occupational therapy intervention is essential to support healthy ageing and adults living with chronic conditions who have difficulties performing daily activities (Hagelskjær et al. 2024). Equally, physiotherapy is crucial in supporting better physical health for older adults with and without chronic health conditions (Liu et al 2024). Supporting clients to self-manage their health is essential, but this requires specific approaches and communication styles, such as coaching. Join us for this webinar, which introduces how to use a coaching approach to enhance client engagement and intervention.

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April 25, 2024

Pressure ulcers – definition, assessment, prevention and treatment

Pressure ulcers are a painful, debilitating condition that can, largely, be prevented. Seen as a measure of harm by NHS England/Improvement and reportable to the CQC in care home settings, understanding how best to protect those within your care from developing a pressure ulcer is an important aspect of care delivery.

Prevention of pressure ulcers is however not always easy and, in some cases, not possible. Understanding how they develop, how to recognise those at risk, how to prevent them and what to do when they do occur is vital knowledge for anyone involved in the care of those vulnerable to pressure ulcers.

Staff with different skill sets can work their way through the whole programme, or they can choose individual modules.

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May 8, 2024

24-hour postural care considerations for the bariatric client

This webinar will provide case examples and scenarios, allowing participants to apply the knowledge gained to practical situations. By the end of the session, rehabilitation professionals should feel confident in their ability to assess, measure, and recommend appropriate seating solutions for individuals with obesity, considering their unique characteristics and needs. Please note that this webinar will not be recorded, so make sure you don’t miss it.

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