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A customer testimonial or story.


  • Severe arthritis
  • Kyphosis 
  • Poor skin integrity 


  • Transfers
  • Poor sitting position 
  • Pressure sore


  • Configura Rise & Recline

Functional benefits:

  • Bespoke chair size 
  • Integrated pressure cushion
  • Riser function 
  • Tilt-in-space

Description of case:

Graham is 85 years old and suffers from severe arthritis, a significant kyphosis and poor skin integrity, severely restricting his range of movement and mobility and independent chair transfers. Graham purchased an armchair privately, but it was too wide and deep and had no integrated pressure relief, so a pressure cushion needed to be perched on top, creating an unstable surface.

Main issues:

The combination of these factors caused him to experience extreme difficulty with transfers and created a poor sitting position, which ultimately resulted in the development of a pressure sore on his sacrum and the apex of his spine where his kyphosis was most pronounced. Graham required regular care from district nurses.


A Configura Rise & Recline was set up according to Graham’s seat depth, popliteal height and width. His pressure cushion was inserted into the seat of the chair, making it more secure. The chair had pressure reducing fabric covering all surfaces his body came into contact with. Graham demonstrated safe and independent chair transfers using the riser function and used the tilt mechanism to obtain and maintain a safe, supported seating position.


Graham commented on the difference in comfort and size of the chair -

“This is the most comfortable chair I have sat in; I cannot feel the sore on my back”.

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