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  • Type 2 spinal muscular atrophy


  • Unable to weight bear
  • High risk of falls
  • Struggles to share a bed with partner

Functional benefits:

  • Adjustable height
  • Profiling functions

Description of case:

21-year-old Tara was diagnosed with type 2 spinal muscular atrophy as a very young child. This is a muscle wasting, life-limiting condition and causes weakness and restricted function of all muscles in the body. Tara has reduced function and requires support with most care tasks. Tara is unable to bear weight and is dependent on a hoist and a wheelchair for all mobility.

Main issues:

Tara requires a height adjustable profiling bed to enable carers to safely assist with personal care tasks and due to a risk of bed falls, Tara requires side rails. Tara is in a relationship and is struggling to share her single profiling bed with her partner. Unfortunately it is not possible to align the profiling bed with a standard single bed, as the mattress of the profiling bed is not flush with the bed frame, causing a gap between the two beds which cannot be overcome. This has become very distressing and frustrating for Tara.


The Occupational Therapist allocated to Tara’s case was aware that the frame of the FloorBed is flush with a mattress of the correct dimensions, the purpose of this feature being to reduce the risk of injury on any hard surface should a person roll out of the bed. However another benefit of this feature, along with low, plastic mattress retainers, is that it is possible to place the bed at the same height as a single standard bed, to achieve a double bed without any gaps.

The FloorBed was provided, a bed rail was fitted on the far side of the bed reducing the risk of a bed fall and a single bed was placed next to it on the other side. The FloorBed height was adjusted to meet the height of the standard bed and the two mattresses were flush, side by side.


The FloorBed enables Tara and her partner to share a bed comfortably whilst still retaining easy access to all sides of the bed, as well as essential access to the height adjustable and profiling functions. Since the provision of the FloorBed, Tara’s partner has moved in and they are now able to share a bed in a safe and comfortable way, without compromising Tara’s safety or access for care tasks to be carried out.


“The bed has given me so much more freedom. I am now able to sleep in a double bed, but still raise the bed so that my carers can assist me safely”.

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