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  • Generalised dystonia
  • Uncontrolled spasms 


  • Frequent bed falls 

Functional benefits:

  • Hi-lo function 
  • Padded side rails
  • Profiling backrest and kneebreak functions
  • Padded head and footboards

Description of case:

Andrew is a 42-year-old man with severe generalised dystonia, who experiences frequent spasms as a result. His spasms have been so severe that they can cause him to suffer bed falls and frequently resulted in him hitting his head and arms on the wooden headboard. This leads to a very disrupted sleep pattern and as a result, exhaustion.

Main issues:

A standard profiling bed with side rails was considered to prevent him from falling out of bed, however this was not deemed suitable due to the risk of injury and entrapment. The provision and fitting of side rail bumpers was not felt to be adequate to prevent the risk of injury and entrapment due to his very strong, uncontrolled spasms.

During recent hospital admission, Andrew had been provided with an ultra-low bed that has a minimum height of 90 mm. This reduced the risks to Andrew and so the Occupational Therapist looked at providing the same bed in the community, however the cost exceeded £3,500.


The FloorBed with a mattress platform height of just 71 mm was significantly more cost-effective and so a trial was arranged. Following the successful trial, it was agreed that Andrew would benefit from provision of the FloorBed with head and footboard bumpers and side rails. A compatible safety mat which matches the height of the bed and mattress at the lowest point, was also provided.

Particular benefits of the FloorBed are:

  • The bed lowers almost flat to the floor and with a safety mat of the same height, it makes for extra security at night for sleeping
  • It can be used at normal height for rest periods during the day with the soft, but firm side rails raised for security, which cannot cause injury to the user
  • Profiling bed functions adjust the backrest and knee break for a change of position, whether the bed is raised or lowered
  • The bed has fitted smooth padded panels that completely cover the head and foot boards


Andrew states that he has been able to relax because he has no anxiety about falling out of bed and no fear of injuring himself during spasms. Andrew reports that he has been able to sleep for long periods of time (up to 5 hours), which he has been unable to do for the last two years, resulting in him being less exhausted during the day.

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