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A customer testimonial or story.


  • Lower limb lymphoedema
  • Pressure sore on sacrum 


  • Chair transfers 
  • Lifting legs into bed


  • Configura Bariatric

Functional benefits

  • Bespoke chair size 
  • Pressure-relieving cushion and backrest
  • Leg raise function

Description of case:

45-year-old Heather experienced difficulty with bed and chair transfers, due to restricted range of movement and lymphoedema in her lower limbs. Heather weighed 210 kg (33 stones) which impacted on her transfers and mobility, leading to a stage 1 pressure sore on her sacrum.

Main issues:

Heather’s elderly mother or paid carers were required to assist with all chair transfers and lifting her legs into bed, due to the difficulties Heather experienced as a result of her very heavy, oedematous legs. This was becoming increasingly difficult and unsafe due to worsening oedema.


A Configura Bariatric chair was recommended and trialled. A Configura Bariatric Tilt-in-Space chair was set up to accommodate Heather’s specific measurements and needs. A castellated seat and a multi-adjustable pillow backrest provided appropriate support and pressure relief.


Now using the Configura, Heather is no longer dependent on her mother or carers, as she is able to transfer safely and independently.

Using the leg raise function has resulted in reduced lymphoedema, allowing Heather to lift her legs into bed unaided. Importantly, Heather is mobilising more frequently and participating in a range of activities. This increase in mobility and activity resulted in a weight loss of 13 kg (2 stones) in two and a half months, as well as healing of the pressure sore. This has produced a saving of approximately £3,000 per year in care costs, significantly reduced the risk of injury to all involved, and brought about a marked improvement to Heather’s quality of life.


Heather said

“My Occupational Therapist recently sourced me a new chair and I feel this has changed my life. It helps me with getting up to walk and also I can put my legs up to rest them. This helps me to get into my bed on my own at night, which I couldn’t do before. The chair has given me my life and independence back”.

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