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Refurbishing established care homes and keeping them marketable

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In this webinar we explore how homeowners can utilise some good and economical suggestions for keeping their home to the best standard it can be, maintaining homeliness, supporting dementia residents and those with sight impairment through changes in their living environments.

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This webinar will be released on: 
October 7, 2021

Learning Outcomes

  • Know your competition, meeting market demands, and creating the best great first impression
  • Designing for residents and their needs
  • Making best use of the space you already have
  • Practical & cost-effective interior design tips
  • What is possible through a different set of eyes

Meet our Experts

Jacqui Smith
Jacqui Smith
Interior Designer

Jacqui Smith is an experienced healthcare designer with a particular interest in how the built environment can support people living with sensory and cognitive impairments. Designing for health and physical and mental well-being, and the role colour plays is at the core of her work. Her portfolio includes both new build and refurbishment projects in Extra Care, sheltered housing, dementia and nursing homes, homes for young adults with learning disabilities and hospices/end of life care. Jacqui is an accredited member of The Society of British and International Interior Design (SBID) and Chair of her local Dementia Friendly Community.

Sue Earrey
Sue Earrey
Managing Director, Tulip Care Environments

Sue has been in the land acquisition and new build of housing and care homes for nearly 25 years, and since 2000 she has specialised in the care home sector having joined Hallmark Care homes in 2009. In 2019 Sue set up her own consultancy, Tulip Care Environments, using all of the knowledge and skills of care home design and marketability working with different operators in the sector in a variety of different ways supporting their growth and offering a different perspective on mystery shopping and research.

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