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Enhancing healthcare consultations and interventions: Using a coaching approach for effective patient engagement

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Recent research shows that occupational therapy intervention is essential to support healthy ageing and adults living with chronic conditions who have difficulties performing daily activities (Hagelskjær et al. 2024). Equally, physiotherapy is crucial in supporting better physical health for older adults with and without chronic health conditions (Liu et al 2024). Supporting clients to self-manage their health is essential, but this requires specific approaches and communication styles, such as coaching. Join us for this webinar, which introduces how to use a coaching approach to enhance client engagement and intervention.

Duration: 1 hour
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Meet our Experts:

Dr Áine O'Dea

Dr Áine O'Dea

Occupational Therapist Consultant

Dr. Áine O'Dea, PhD, is an Occupational Therapist, educator, coach and consultant with extensive experience in clinical leadership, research, and education. Holding a prestigious PhD from the Health Research Board SPHeRE program in Ireland, Dr. O'Dea is adept in consulting across health, business, and educational sectors, where she excels in analysing and implementing practical, evidence-based strategies for professional and personal growth.

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April 16, 2024 10:30 AM

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