Mattress Platform Extension Kit

Product Number : LRPEX

The bed extension offers taller users a safer and more comfortable experience by providing an extra 20 cm in length.  The bed extension kit includes a frame extension piece, mattress infill and if required, extended bed rails.

Key Information & Specs

Suitable for use with FloorBed 1, FloorBed 2,  CommunityBed and Altida.

To order the Mattress Platform Extension Kit for your bed, please quote relevant product code from the list below:

  • Altida Standard Width (20 cm): LRPEX-0-AL1-010
  • Altida Wide (20 cm): LRPEXW-0-AL1-010
  • FloorBed 1 Slat (20 cm): LRPEX-0-FL1-010
  • FloorBed 1 Mesh, FloorBed 2 (20 cm): LRPEX-0-FL1-100
  • CommunityBed (20 cm): LRPEX-0-CB1-000