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Who's a leader anyway? My role as an advocate

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A brief presentation outlining the role of leaders within the profession. This will focus on helping therapists to lead where they are and outline their role as advocates for social justice. The webinar will also provide some tips and resources that will support you on your leadership journey.

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This webinar will be released on: 
July 11, 2023

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Meet our Experts

Odeth Richardson
Odeth Richardson
Head of Occupational Therapy

Odeth is a trained Occupational Therapist and is currently employed as Head of Occupational Therapy at The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals. Odeth previously worked for Brent Social Services where she worked with the BME community promoting health equality. She has a special interest in working with people with physical and mental disabilities ensuring their inclusion in society. Odeth has recently been appointed Chair of The RCOT/BAOT Council.

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