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Continuous pressure monitoring - identification of posture issues and how it helps pressure ulcer prevention

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This webinar explores the use of continuous pressure monitoring to identify high risk areas using patient case studies.

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July 26, 2023

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Nicci Aylward
Nicci Aylward
Tissue Viability Nurse

Nicci qualified in 1987, undertaking District Nurse training in 1990. After working as DN sister Nicci commenced the District Nurse Lead nurse post. In 2001 Nicci became Strategic Lead for Tissue Viability Services in Cornwall Community. Nicci has been awarded several grants to investigate the use of Continuous Pressure Monitoring in the community to prevent pressure ulcers. The latest of which is A Scaling Up PROMISE – Pressure Reduction through Continuous Pressure Monitoring in the Community Setting could be used to enhance patient care and help patients to maintain their lifestyle choices –This work has resulted in winning “Tissue Viability Nurse of the Year” 2016 and the PROMISE teams being awarded BJN Runner Up “Wound Care Nurse of the Year” 2021. Nicci was awarded the Chief Nurse Silver Award in 2021

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