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Pain management that works

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In this session we will explore the prevalence and causes of pain in older adult residents and how that pain affects them in terms of cognitive, emotional and physical health and safety. We will look more closely at the relationship between pain and pressure ulceration in terms of increased risk and more challenging management, and explore management options including pharmacological, non-pharmacological and self-management.

Duration: 1 hour
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Meet our Experts:

Amelia Swift

Amelia Swift

Reader in Health Professional Education

Dr Amelia Swift is a Reader in Health Professional Education at the University of Birmingham. She is a nurse who has worked in pain management, who’s PhD research explored the neurotransmission of osteoarthritis pain.  This consolidated her interest in the physiology of pain, and she continues to champion the idea that if we know how pain is generated in the body, we can make good choices about its management.

Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson

Tissue Viability Nurse

Sarah has always had a keen interest in Tissue Viability since becoming a registered nurse in 2002. Her experience varies from within a community setting, where she completed her Tissue Viability based degree in 2007. She then worked within the private sector to gain additional advanced wound care skills whilst working with a medical devices company specialised in wound healing. In 2010, Sarah became a Tissue Viability Nurse and shaped a specialised service within the acute sector for 7 years before returning to the community setting as a TVN.

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