Which Bed is Right?

Which profiling bed from Accora is best suited for your needs?

Accora offers a range of profiling nursing beds for a variety of settings, from nursing homes and residential care, to hospitals and community. The environment the bed is required for, along with clinical and care requirements, will ultimately determine the type of bed which is right. All our beds are height-adjustable and feature full profiling functionality, with electric operation.

Floor level and profiling beds for homecare and community

We work with local authorities and community equipment stores across the UK to provide budget-friendly beds, which meet the needs of users, carers and Occupational Therapists. Their super -low height means our floor level beds are suitable for those who are at risk of bed falls, helping to reduce the likelihood of injury or even admission to hospital. They can also make bed transfers and lifting legs into bed easier, improving mobility and independence.

Our range of profiling beds includes:
FloorBed 1 – an ultra-low bed, with a mattress platform height of 7.1 cm, which helps reduce risk of injury from falls. It rises to full nursing height to facilitate care tasks and offers comprehensive functional and clinical benefits to maximise user safety.

FloorBed 2 – offers the same features as FloorBed 1, with the added benefits of an even higher nursing height of 80 cm and a telescopic mechanism, giving greater access for care staff at the head and foot of the bed.

CommunityBed – two beds in one. By combining the lifting height of a conventional profiling bed (800 mm) and the lowness of a conventional low bed (220 mm), CommunityBed allows equipment services to simplify their range and reduce stock. CommunityBed is fully compliant with BS EN 60601-2-52 and it is compatible with a broad range of accessories including integrated, padded mesh side rails.

Low level profiling bed suitable for children

A simple, safe and cost-effective solution to enable departments to stay compliant with the new BS EN 50637 standard for children’s beds. FloorBed 1 Junior is suitable for service users with a height range of 75 cm to 146 cm.

Low level profiling beds for nursing homes and residential care

We specialise in nursing beds which create a homely ambience; whether you’re looking for a classical style or something more contemporary, you will find the bed to complement your interior. The perfect care home bedroom involves a combination of style, comfort and practicality. Our wide range of specialist Altida beds and Allevia mattresses will help you create a warm and welcoming bedroom, tailored to residents’ needs. With a versatile height range, side rails and full profiling functionality, we offer carers peace of mind too.

From the initial consultation to aftercare, we provide a full 360° service.

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What others say about us

Das FloorBed ermöglicht es Michael, seine Privatsphäre auf sichere Weise zu wahren, da keine Gefahr besteht, sich unter dem Bett einzuklemmen; das Bett erlaubt es ihm, sich völlig frei zu bewegen.


Das Wichtigste für ihn (Michael) ist, dass er das Beste aus seinem Leben herausholt, denn seine zunehmende Unabhängigkeit ermöglicht es ihm, sein maximales Potenzial ohne Hilfe zu entfalten.


Das Empresa-Bett von Accora hat uns sehr dabei geholfen, unsere Schlafzimmer in Szene zu setzen und gleichzeitig die Bewohner mit neuen und innovativen Technologien zu unterstützen.


Daniel Rowark, Betriebsleiter

Das Empresa-Bett ist einfach zu bedienen und ich würde es auf jeden Fall einem Bewohner mit hohem Sturzrisiko empfehlen.


Ich kann sie (Mama) viel besser aufsetzen und habe einen Knopf, um sie wieder ausgestreckt hinzulegen, was mir Zeit spart.

Liberty Hospice, TX, USA

Service and staff second to none.

ICES, Carmarthenshire

…I can sit her [mom] up much better and I have one button to make it level again which saves me time.

Anastasia Branson, CNA, Liberty Hospice, TX

Accora’s Empresa bed has really helped showcase our bedroom whilst enabling team members to support residents with new and innovative technology.


Daniel Rowark, Operations Director

The Empresa bed is easy to operate and I would definitely recommend it to a resident who is at high risk of falls.


…Des was excellent and very accommodating. He was very informative and professional. I would highly recommend your company as it is the best rise recliner I have come across on the market.

Private Purchaser & Occupational Therapist

About Accora

Based on a deep understanding of the needs of individuals, caregivers and service managers – we have developed a range of cost effective chair and bed solutions. Our aim is to facilitate independent living and assist in preventing injury from pressure damage or falls.

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