Posture, portability and participation

Configura Care

Description of case:

69-year-old Beth has been diagnosed with ischaemic heart disease and diabetes. Beth also has a right-sided weakness as a result of a stroke.

Main issues:

The weakness has affected Beth’s sitting balance and her armchair no longer provided the support she required. As a result, she tended to lean to her right, which was not only uncomfortable but placed Beth at particular risk of falling when sitting.

Due to inappropriate seating being available, Beth remained in bed for extended periods of time and became socially isolated as she was unable to safely access the communal facilities within the residential care home.


The modular design of the Configura Care chair allowed the chair to be set up according to Beth’s required seat depth and width.

The lateral supports and true tilt-in-space function enabled Beth to obtain correct pelvic positioning which resulted in a well-supported, appropriate, upright posture.


The chair’s portability and ability to aid improved sitting balance, allowed Beth to access the shared lounge safely whilst in the Configura Care chair, reducing the number of transfers carried out each day and enabling participation in communal activities and use of the dining area.

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