Raising the bar on seating provision

Configura Rise and Recline

Previous situation:

EquipU1 provides community equipment to 25% of the Scottish population. Glasgow Council and EquipU together, had been issuing large quantities of a very basic single motor 3-way chair, but in many cases this standard chair was not meeting the needs of service users and expensive specialist chairs were having to be supplied. With pressure to reduce expenditure, seating provision needed to be reviewed.


In order to reduce expenditure and improve service delivery to those who really needed the chairs, Glasgow raised the bar on who was eligible for seating provision, eliminated the standard single motor rise and recline chair, and made the Configura Rise and Recline the first option for seating provision. When a seating need arose, occupational therapists (OTs) first considered the Configura chair before other more specialist, more expensive, less adjustable chairs.


The Configura Rise and Recline chair is held in stock and is viewed as a ‘stock special’ rather than ‘standard stock’. This has enabled the Council to better meet the needs of service users, while reducing expenditure and lead times. An extensive training programme was developed for stores and OT staff.

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