Improving chair provision

Configura Rise and Recline

Previous situation:

Catering for individual seating needs by local authorities has always been a challenge. Worcestershire County Council was providing a basic, single motor rise and recline chair without any adjustability, which was failing to meet the needs of many of its service users. A high proportion of the budget was being spent on expensive bespoke chairs, partly due to the lack of functionality in the basic chairs, which were difficult to re-issue and tended to gather dust in stores. A new seating solution was required!


Worcestershire County Council reviewed their chair provision and replaced their basic chair with Configura Rise and Recline and included Configura Care and Configura Bariatric chairs as ‘standard specials’.


Training sessions were delivered for all occupational therapists in Worcestershire and for stores staff covering cleaning, repair and maintenance. This improvement to local authority chair provision brought huge benefits not only for service users, but for both budget and stock management too.

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