High Safety Mat

Product Number : SAFTH

This mat is ideally suited for residents who are high risk fallers, minimizing the risk of injury from bed falls. When used beside one of our FloorBeds, the high safety mat creates an equivalent surface for a resident to safely roll onto.

Key Information & Specifications

  • Allows the resident space to move as though in a double bed
  • Sleep is less likely to be interrupted
  • Provides a safer resting place off the floor if the resident rolls out of bed
  • Transfers can be carried out more easily, as the surface levels are the same
  • Less disruptive transfer methods can be used
  • Built-in slide sheet also available

  • Height: 8.7 in
  • Width: 30.1 in
  • Length: 76.4 in
  • SAFTH-0-FL1-000: High Safety Mat
  • SAFTHSS-0-FL1-000: High Safety Mat with slide sheet
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