Managing the risk of bed falls



Phillip has a diagnosis of dementia which results in poor-risk awareness and confusion. Phillip is dependent on a hoist for all transfers, due to difficulty weight-bearing. He would frequently attempt to get out of bed, unaware of the associated risks. This was resulting in him falling 1-2 times per week and unfortunately, the consequences of these falls were skin tears caused by the impact against the side of the bed, the bedside cabinet or the floor. On one occasion Philip sustained a head injury, despite there being a crash mat in place.


A FloorBed, with a mattress platform height of 2.8″ from the ground, was put into place for a trial. The outcome far exceeded expectations as not only has the FloorBed eliminated bed fall injuries, it has caused Philip’s bed falls to cease completely. The caregivers have observed Phillip reach out and place his hand on the floor, then turn over in the bed and go back to sleep rather than attempt to get up and out of bed.

In addition to reducing the risk of bed falls and injuries:

  • The FloorBed provided reassurance to the caregivers as the risk of bed falls and injuries was significantly reduced
  • The FloorBed provided a safe and appropriate working height for the caregivers when assisting with care tasks


‘It is really comfortable and it’s funny how this bed works; it goes up and down like being at the funfair.’ – Philip

‘If we could give a FloorBed to each resident, we could reduce the amount of night checks required and therefore reduce staff levels.’ – Home Manager.

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