From Virginia to Maine

Enjoying work, enjoying life

Employee: Steve Rakus

What you do? My job is to introduce FloorBed to a select group of Medical Supply Dealers, from Virginia to Maine, and show them how they can help their customers eliminate falls and fall injuries in their facilities!

Best about your job? The freedom to create and expand a sales structure focused on introducing innovative new products which will create new best practices in the post-acute market!

Best about Accora? Accora is a family owned company immersed in the innovation of unique game-changing products, which are designed to enhance the lives of all people!

Proudest moment? I am very lucky!  My proudest moment with Accora keeps repeating itself over and over again!  When we demo the FloorBed to clinicians, I make a claim that patients that use the FloorBed simply will not fall out of bed.  Our FloorBed, and its accessories, will not allow them to fall out of bed.  When I hear feedback from our new customers, they tell me that their patients indeed have stopped falling – it truly makes my day!  These are my proudest moments!

Inspires you? It is important to me to do good things for people and to provide for my family. I’m inspired by the reactions that I see from the clinicians that we demo the FloorBed to; when they see the FloorBed drop from its 8” safety stop height (similar to other “low beds”) and then bring the fall risk patient safely down to floor level, they are pleasantly stunned.  This is something that all nurses have never seen before.  Introducing something that solves the terrible problem of falls, is something I find incredibly inspiring!

Gained from working at Accora? Accora has provided me with the tools, support and guidance to engage the best medical supply dealers, and show them how the FloorBed can help to make them the true heroes that they are for their customers!

3 words of advice for your colleagues? Never give up.

Hidden talent? I am a triathlete: I golf, I bowl and I play racquetball. I’m also a Registered Nurse.

Accora has helped my career because? As I approach the later stages of my career, Accora has provided me with an excellent team and opportunity to introduce a  group of life-altering products to the U.S. post-acute care market!  This helps keep all of us, and our customers, highly enthusiastic about all the good we can do.

3 words to describe Accora? Innovative. Forward-thinking. Generous – with everything – time, support. I consider Accora family.

If you could learn? Like many young men, I always wanted to learn how to fly an airplane.  I enjoy computer flight simulators.  Thrilling.

Top question for your Directors? What’s next….?

Swap places with? Actually, I believe that I have the best job at Accora!  I truly love what I am doing and how I am doing it!  Maybe for an hour I’d like to sit in Sam (logistics) or Nico’s (finance) seat, just to appreciate the “global reach” of Accora.

We have a saying, here in the U.S.:  I am in the right Seat on the right Bus!

People would be surprised? I am a landlord – I have 3 rental properties (I don’t want any more). I love Cruises. I enjoy investing and the learning necessary to invest!

What advice would you give to someone starting out in sales? You must start with an excellent sales training foundation. Make sure you have an excellent boss.; if you don’t have one, go find one – now! Do the Work! Done properly, sales is quite the noble profession.

3 words to describe yourself? Sincere. Reliable. Oh yes – optimistic (ridiculously!).

Biggest achievement?  I believe that my wife and I have raised three incredible young men. For the last 30 years, I have always been in the top 1-2% of sales people for the companies I have worked for; that’s hard to do – even if some of them only had 2-3 sales people – lol.

Passionate about? My family. My career. Enjoying life as much as possible – every single day!!!!!!

About Accora

Based on a deep understanding of the needs of individuals, caregivers and service managers – we have developed a range of cost effective chair and bed solutions. Our aim is to help improve comfort, function and posture, and assist in preventing injury from pressure damage or falls.