FloorBed versus Low Bed

Difference between low beds and Accora FloorBeds

The difference between FloorBed and a typical low bed is profound, both in terms of the level of patient safety and requirements for other interventions, such as crash mats.

Low beds

We often get asked how important is the distinction between these types of beds:

• Low beds generally lower to between just 7.5 – 9.5 inches; FloorBed lowers to 2.8 inches

• Tend to have a more limited lifting range, meaning that carergivers may be at increased risk of injury when delivering nursing care.

Beds which can make a real difference

We work closely with clinicians, caregivers and administrators, designing beds which meet their needs and that of residents. Their super-low height means our floor level beds are suitable for those who are at risk of bed falls, helping to reduce the likelihood of injury or even admission to hospital. They can also make bed transfers and lifting legs into bed easier, improving mobility and independence.

Never events impact reputation and revenue. Choosing a bed which helps mitigate this risk and facilitates caregiving makes sense.

Here are some more reasons why you should consider FloorBed:

FloorBed 1 – rises to full nursing height to facilitate care tasks.

FloorBed 1 Plus – offers the same features as FloorBed 1, with the added benefit of extra width for larger residents.

• FloorBeds – reduce the requirement for bed rails, as fall height is significantly lowered; less use of bed rails decreases the possibility of issues such as entrapment and resident agitation.

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