FloorBed Evaluation: Helping Reduce the Risk of Injury from Bed Falls

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries in the older USA population

One environmental risk factor is the bed. When raised beyond 24 inches from the floor, the risk of a serious fall-related head injury increases by 50%. A possible mitigation is to deploy a bed capable of lowering to the floor.

Objective & methodology:

To evaluate the effect of adding a floor level bed to a package of measures intended to reduce the number and severity of falls occurring within residents’ bedrooms and, in particular, falls from the bed. Twelve residents, known to have a recent history of falls and/or considered at high risk, were allocated a FloorBed. The bed was positioned at its lowest height when in use (2.8 inches),the handset ‘locked’ to prevent accidental height adjustment and protective floor mats were retained if previously allocated. Using a pre-post intervention design, fall outcomes were monitored prospectively (mean 11 weeks, range 4-17 weeks) and data compared to a three-month pre-evaluation period.



While falls reduction is a credible aspiration, it is not possible to completely eradicate the risk and to attempt to do so may limit a resident’s independence and quality of life. Falls management will always be a compromise but the strategic use of equipment, such as the FloorBed, may be a clinically efficient and cost-effective intervention; the possible benefits of such a device have been illustrated in this pilot evaluation. For more information, please call one of our team on +1 301 560 2400 or email information@accora.care

FloorBed Case Study: Lutheran Home, Chicago, IL