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MND Care: The essential contribution of Occupational Therapists

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This four-part webinar discusses Motor Neurone Disease and how Occupational Therapists can make all the difference to people living with MND and their families.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Be aware of different types of presentation of MND and why this is important in relation to intervention and outcomes
  • Be aware of the considerations around diagnosis and prognosis
  • Have an understanding of the pathology of MND and current medication options as treatment
  • Have an understanding of the role of Genetics in MND
  • Have an understanding of the range of signs and symptoms experienced by people living with MND
  • Have an understanding of the context of therapy within the management of MND
  • Become familiar with resources to support the practices of health care professionals in managing MND (NICE Guidelines for UK)
  • Be aware of basic symptoms people living with MND are likely to experience
  • Understand which areas of Occupational Therapy interventions are most relevant in the management of MND
  • To be aware of the multidisciplinary team and the impact of good teamwork and communication on patient outcomes
  • To be aware of the differences between multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary working and how this can impact OTs working with people living with MND
  • Explore the role of OT in the end stages of life and planning for this for people living with MND

Meet our Experts:

Jenny Rolfe

Jenny Rolfe

Consultant Occupational Therapist

Jenny is a senior occupational therapist. She qualified in 1997 and completed her MSc in Neuro-rehabilitation in 2007. She has worked in Neurological Rehabilitation at the Battle Hospital in Reading, and the Rivermead Rehabilitation Centre in Oxford which became part of the Oxford Centre for Enablement in 2000. She moved into the Specialist Disability Service at the OCE from where she joined the Oxford MND Centre in January 2007.

Since August 2009 Jenny has been funded full-time by the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association to develop NHS wheelchair services across the UK, to improve wheelchair provision for people living with MND.

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