Why choose an Accora chair?

Our vision is to develop a tilt-in-space reclining chair that is innovative and affordable

Reasons to choose Accora chair

  • Save time, effort, money – our specialist chairs are built to meet the needs of patients and clinicians in a cost-effective way. Configura Advance has built-in posture support, pressure relief and size adjustments, which gives the ability to make quick adaptations and may reduce the need for additional equipment.
  • Greater flexibility in meeting many user needs – thanks to modular design, Configura Advance can be easily reconfigured to accommodate the user’s changing condition, which reduces the requirement to buy a replacement chair. The Advance chair has tilt-in-space and recline functionality, and it can be repositioned from room to room, which makes it suitable for multi-use long-term care facility.
  • Reliable distribution – our distribution partners and strong supply chain enable us to maintain business continuity and meet the demands of our customers throughout the Covid pandemic.

For more information, please call one of our team on +1 301 560 2400 or email information@accora.care

What others say about us

…I can sit her [mom] up much better and I have one button to make it level again which saves me time.

Anastasia Branson, CNA, Liberty Hospice, TX

The bed is fabulous and would certainly fit our needs.

Clinical Supervisor

It was nice speaking with you both yesterday and I am excited to hit the ground running!

Operations Specialist

Thank you for your quick responses!

Regional Account Manager

About Accora

Based on a deep understanding of the needs of individuals, caregivers and administrators – we have developed a range of cost effective bed solutions. Our aim is to facilitate independent living and assist in preventing injury from pressure damage or falls.