Helping to support the National effort

Accora stepping up in a time of national emergency, to design an affordable COVID-19 emergency bed

Accora has really come together as a team, to look for ways to contribute to the National good in a time of unprecedented need. Due to a significant requirement for increased bed capacity outside of traditional hospital environments, we looked to use our medical device expertise to design a flat-pack bed which can be easily transported and deployed, without any specialist knowledge. With all the key functions of a standard hospital bed, needed to nurse someone with COVID-19 disease, including those in respiratory distress or needing mechanical ventilation. The bed is also modularized so it can be adapted to suit a person’s specific needs. Another consideration has been ensuring the bed can be raised to nursing height to reduce the risk of back injury – Lyn Phillips, Clinical Director said “now, more than anytime ever, we need to look after our caregivers. They are doing a valiant job and we need to protect them in every way we can”.

Laurie Drake, Head of Innovation, commented “We have always taken a very practical perspective in all our design work, understanding the kinds of environment where this type of equipment is used. Aspects such as configurability for simple adaptation, minimal and universal parts so there is less likelihood of equipment downtime, ease of decontamination and of course cost, are key design criteria we routinely apply in our thinking.”

“Within in the Company, one of the really positive outcomes has been a project which everyone has been able to get behind and focus our energies in a constructive way, when it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the current situation” added Laurie.

Operations have swung into action too, putting in place capacity for immediate manufacture of 5,000 beds per week, scaling to 10,000 over the next 4 – 5 weeks. Access to 300 trucks for distribution and warehousing to store up to 30,000 beds, has also been set up. “We are doing all we can to try and play our part”, said Tim Drake, Head of Operations – “there is a social responsibility on us all to make a difference where we can and hopefully together, we will all come out of this stronger.”

About Accora

Based on a deep understanding of the needs of individuals, caregivers and service managers – we have developed a range of cost effective chair and bed solutions. Our aim is to help improve comfort, function and posture, and assist in preventing injury from pressure damage or falls.