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Introducing the Accora bed range- how can they reduce falls and promote independence?

  • Tue, August 1, 2023
    11:00 - 12:00

When it comes to choosing the right bed, improving the safety of patients and staff, and enhancing clinical outcomes are of paramount importance.

Accora have a range of beds to promote independence and reduce risks in the community to meet the needs of fallers, the elderly, cognitively impaired and smaller people.

Learning outcomes

  • To improve knowledge of the functions and features of the Accora bed range – to include FloorBed, CommunityBed and JuniorBeds
  • To discuss the clinical benefits of the FloorBed and CommunityBed
  • To find out how the autoregression technology reduces shear forces
  • To link case study evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of these products
  • Live demonstration of the FloorBed, CommunityBed and Junior FloorBed
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