Reducing pain and aiding independent transfers

Configura Rise and Recline

Description of case:

Sonia is 91 years old and has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, which unfortunately led to a fracture in T7 to T11 (the middle of the thoracic spinal column). This is now healing, but does cause some pain and discomfort. The osteoarthritis also causes Sonia to experience soreness and a restricted range of movement in most of her joints, which affects her mobility and general functional levels. In addition, Sonia has bilateral oedema in her lower limbs.

Main issues:

Sonia currently sits out in a high-back armchair and struggles to push herself to stand, due to pain in her wrists and spine. Sonia is therefore dependent on the assistance of two carers to stand, which impacts greatly on her independence. The firm backrest also causes Sonia some discomfort when sitting out for an extended period of time.


The modular design of the Configura Rise and Recline allowed the chair to be set up according to Sonia’s seat depth, popliteal height and width.


Sonia was able to use the riser function of the chair to carry out safe and independent transfers, eliminating the need for assistance from her carers. The soft waterfall backrest was adjusted to support Sonia as required, reducing pressure on the fractured part of the spine and providing increased levels of comfort.

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